Our store runs (farms and manages accounts) on Antik anti-detect browser. 
Antik is a new software from the famous developers of free services3 and the good old anti-detect browser Aezakmi.
Why we chose Antik and recommend it to you?
- real fingerprints, kernel-level spoofing, improved spoofing of important parameters
- convenient and functional interface, which is simply a pleasure to work in
- practice has shown that the same accounts fb, googleads, TT at launches live longer than in other antiks ( on google eds it was possible more often and more stable to get maximum billing when working with google https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=flTDNejFyic&t=11s ).
- application performance and stability
- tools for organizing and optimizing workflow: folders, tags, labels
- convenient work with proxy lists
- super-democratic tariffs with no restrictions on users
- high level of customer service